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All day long or for a short time, with family or alone.

All day long or for a short time, with family or alone.
How to enjoy Hyotan Onsen 

Since founded in 1922, Hyotan Onsen continues to be loved by men and women of all ages. Our history expands from the Taisho era through Reiwa, the hot spring facility has been standing steadily in the atmosphere of a hot spring town with its yukemuri (cloud of steam), Beppu.
You can refresh your mind and body within just a short time, or spend the whole day enjoy hot springs and meals with your family.


Enjoy both onsen and meals! Long hours relaxation

Family baths, steam bath, sand bath, large main bath, meals. Hyotan Onsen is exclusively packed with the charm of a hot spring resort town, Beppu.
After taking a private family bath or the large main bath with friends, everybody will enjoy a pleasant chat at our rest area. It is also a good idea to try other facilities such as steam bath and sand bath once you get cooled off. After bathing in the free-flowing 100 % natural hot spring, Dining and drinking will be more enjoyable. After spending half of your day, we still have many more to offer. This is the biggest attraction of Hyotan Onsen. We also hope you enjoy the special steamed dishes at our hot spring town.


Clean your mind and body! Carefree mini-detox course

Steam bath and sand bath are perfect for detoxing which is so popular especially among women. Sweat in the mildly steamed sand bath first, then shower off sand and sweat to feel refreshed.
Go into the steam bath the next. This is a natural sauna full of rich steam that you will feel like being inside of a steam treatment device. The steam bath has a good reputation for its relaxing and refreshing effects on your mind and body. Our indication is to enjoy it between 1.5 to 2 hours.


Stop by the onsen! Refreshing short-time course

This short course is good for filling the time and get refreshed while waiting for your train or ferry on the way home from sightseeing or business trip. You might not have ample time to enjoy an authentic onsen at other places, but Hyotan Onsen with its various facilities can make it possible.
You can spend a blissful moment sitting back and relaxing in the large main bath. It will in the meanwhile eliminate the fatigue of the day.


Hyotan Onsen on the weekends♪ Family-oriented course

“Tired but still want to take the kids out to somewhere enjoyable…”
We have a solution for Moms and Dads worrying about their weekend plans.
Hyotan Onsen serves as a pleasant place for the kids. Enjoying a meal at Hyotan Onsen makes the whole family feel special. Wash away your fatigue at out hot spring baths and make yourselves feel as if you were on a short vacation. Our private family bath is for families to enjoy bathing together and talking to each other.
Hyotan Onsen’s restaurant, Yurari, where you can enjoy dining in yukata, a set of kimono bathrobe; have a variety of drinks and sweets; make everyone in the family smile. It brings you a gorgeous moment as if you were staying in a high-class Japanese ryokan, which even makes small kids merry.