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Which are you,only-one type or variety type?

We provide not only onsen but meals to please your palate and body.
Try jigokumushi dishes, eat original onsen pudding, or enjoy a happy dinner with your family
at the restaurant…Since you are here at Hyotan Onsen, which ways would you like to have a great time?

Hyotan Onsen’s “Jigoku steam Kitchen”

11:00 〜 Last order 21:00

Local people call hot springs “Jigoku”. At Hyotan Onsen, we use a Jigoku pot which utilizes hot spring steam to cook,
and offer delicious dishes with the maximum full flavor of the ingredients
The ingredients including the seasonings such as soy sauce, are all locally made or grown, we focus on local produce for local consumption,
you can enjoy delicious cuisine from Oita.

What is Jigoku steam?

Jigoku mushi is a traditional cookery using hot steam from onsen in Kan’nawa.
Ingredients in a steamer called Jigoku gama are cooked in steam from onsen slowly.

We provide easy-to-experience Beginner Package

  • Family Jigoku steam mix for 2 people 3,500yen (tax included) The content varies depending on the season, purchase situation, etc.
  • Jigoku steam Tofu&Vegetables 700yen (tax included) ・Tofu
    ・About 5 types of vegetables
  • Steamed whole chicken 2,200yen (tax included) ・1 whole chicken
    ・Items for packing inside Eggs, etc.

You can enjoy delicious food in Oita


How to use Jigoku Steam Kitchen

  1. Purchase ingredients

    Please purchase the Jigoku steam fee and ingredients ticket at the vending machine,
    then go to the kitchen to exchange the tickets to receive the ingredients and your receipt.
    If you need to cut the ingredients please make the request at the kichen.

  2. Take out the bamboo basket

    Please open the lid slowly, and take out the bamboo basket for the ingredients.
    Caution, please do not get burned by the steam!

  3. Put the ingredients in the bamboo basket

    Put the ingredients on top of the bamboo basket, and put the basket in the pot slowly.
    Please put the "In use" sign on top of the pot after you close the lid, and wait.

Hyotan Onsen's restaurant, Yurari

11:00 〜 Last order 21:00

In addition to our facility’s remodeling during Nov. 2019, we renovated “Hyotan Onsen Restaurant Yurari,” as well.
Put on a set of yukata (Kimono style pajamas) and let your body enjoy the last few remnants of the natural hot springs,
while you take time to relax with a drink or a meal. This makes you feel like had a short trip at a ryokan.
With our brand new remodeled space and new menu, Hyotan Onsen is ready to bring our guests the best delicacies to enjoy.

Please refrain from bringing food and drinks into the facility, except baby food and allergy-free food.

Enjoy local delicacies at Hyotan Onsen


Fixed plans
(* Reservation required)

  • Plan including bathing in the large bath
    Set meal plan3,100yen (tax included)
  • Plan including bathing in a private family bath
    Set meal plan8,000yen (tax included)

On bathing set plan, you can only take onsen bath on the day.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.!
Only available here Onsen custard pudding steamed in onsen steam
Selected ingredients and recipes
  • Onsen custard pudding has been renewed, too!

    Hope you try and savor the smooth texture enhanced by the newly selected eggs!

  • Onsen custard pudding is made daily with steam from hot spring in the facility.
    Please enjoy it after bathing in onsen!