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Bathing fee

Large bath Bathing fee AM9:00〜PM:20:00 PM20:00〜
13 years old and up 780yen 580yen
7〜12 years old 340yen 180yen
4〜6 years old 220yen 120yen
〜3 years old Free Free
(10 tickets)
Available all day After 8:00 PM
5,800yen 4,200yen
Family bath
(1 hour 3 adults)
Basic charge Extension
(30 minutes)
1 guest: over 13 years old
1 guest: 4〜12 years old
1 guest: 〜3 years old
2,150yen 850yen 500yen 200yen Free

Amenity charge

Yukata fee for sand bath
(Paper shorts for sand bath)
13 years old and up 0〜12 years old
380yen 280yen※Rental yukata only
  • Towel 220yen
  • Bath towel 150yen
  • Nylon wash cloth 250yen
  • Face wash 140yen
  • Cleansing 140yen
  • Lotion 140yen
  • Shampoo 80yen
  • Conditioner 80yen
  • Razor 80yen
  • Toothbrush 80yen
  • Hair bands 80yen
  • Bath cap 80yen
  • Yukata for relaxation 300yen
  • Bathing pants for Muslim 300yen

Which are you,only-one type or variety type?

We provide not only onsen but meals to please your palate and body.
Try jigokumushi dishes, eat original onsen pudding, or enjoy a happy dinner with your family
at the restaurant…Since you are here at Hyotan Onsen, which ways would you like to have a great time?

Hyotan Onsen's Sweeeet sweets make you relax.

Only available here
Onsen custard pudding steamed in onsen steam
300yen(tax included)

Selected ingredients and recipes
  • Onsen custard pudding has been renewed, too!

    Hope you try and savor the smooth texture enhanced by the newly selected eggs!

  • Onsen custard pudding is made daily with steam from hot spring in the facility .
    Please enjoy it after bathing in onsen!