Hot Springs

Q01What types of onsen do you offer?

Men’s bath: Open-air bath, Hinoki bath, Waterfall bath, Steam bath, Rock bath, Hyotan bath, Walking bath, Cool bath. (8 types in total)
Women’s bath: Breeze open-air bath, Waterfall open-air bath, Sake cup bath, Rock bath, Hinoki bath, Carved rock bath, Steam bath, Waterfall bath, Dream bath, Hyotan bath, Cool bath. (11 types in total)

Q02What is the onsen's quality and benefit?

Please click here for details.

Q03What time do you open in the morning?

From 9:00 AM.

Q04There are so many bath choices, what is your recommendation (order or courses) ?

Yes, there are courses that we recommend. Please click here for details.

Q05How to enjoy onsen bath?

We recommend our guests to experience the sand bath first, then go to the large public bath after taking a shower to wash off sand.
Attention ※ Please do not lay on a chair, or walk around naked in a dressing room, or put a towel on a bathtub, etc., Make sure you are not a bother to other guests please.

Q06May I make a day trip to enjoy hot spring?

Yes, Hyotan Onsen is a day trip hot spring facility. We are a hot spring facility that can be enjoyed by one person, couples, families, and children all day long.

Q07How do you take Sand bath?

①Change into a pair of yukata.

②Dig up sand, be sure to check the sand’s temperature. Be careful, since the deeper you dig, the hotter it gets.

③Cover yourself with sand.

④Lay in sand and relax.

Increased perspiration releases toxins, helping to clean your body and mind. It is hot but so comfortable!

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Q08May I visit only for taking a Sand bath?

We are sorry, the sand bath must be combined with the large public bath.

Q09Is it true that combing the Sand bath and Steam bath will enhance the detox effect?

Yes, an university conducted a survey and found that the stress level had dropped and the skin turned healthier. (Individual results may vary)

Q10Is the water in every bath 100% natural hot spring water?

Hyotan Onsen created a special means called “”Yumetake”” to cool down the natural hot springs from temperature above 100℃ within a couple seconds.
Please enjoy our genuine 100 % natural hot spring bath.

Q11Do you provide towels?

We do not provide towels. You can purchase or rent them at the reception.

Q12I like to take a bath in fresh water every time, may I?

The water at private family baths is changed after every use, we change the water at the large public bath everyday.

Q13May I extend the time allowed at the Private Family baths?

The reservation time on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays is only 1 hour. You can apply for extension at the reception (not by phone) on weekdays.
You may not be able to extend on crowded days. Please understand an additional fee will be charged for the extension.

Q14Are the Family baths private? May I reserve?

Yes, family baths are private. The “Ms. Matsu’s yu-kokochi” series offers 10 styles of baths that all can be reserved by phone. Reservation can be made up to one week in advance.

Q15What does an Open-air bath look like?

Please click here to take a look.

Q16What is the temperature of the hot springs? Is it hot or warm?

The temperature is slightly hot, but we change the temperature in summer and winter. We do not use machine to adjust the temperature, our staff performs checks and adjusts the temperature by hand. We try our best to make our guests feel comfortable.


Q17What kind of amenities are available?

We provide amenities for each bath as below.
2-in-1 shampoo and body wash are provided.
Towels and soap are available for purchase.
❒Fee: Bath towel rental: 150 yen, Towel: 220 yen

Q18Are hair dryers available?

Yes, there are hair dryers in each bath.

Q19What can guests bring?

Towels, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, soap, makeup remover, toothbrushe, toothpaste.
Lotion (basic cosmetics), body towel, hair cap, hair band, razor, comb, hair dryer, etc..

Q20May I rent Yukata?

Yes, there are also children’s Yukata available for rental.
※Our guests can wear Yukata in the facility while resting and dining.

Q21About Yukata culture (for international guests)

Yukata is the simplest kimono made to wear in summer, and it was originally an indoor dress to wear after bathing. Our guests may have plenty of opportunities for different experiences throughout our facility. We have a lot of open spaces through our nature and the hot springs areas, please make sure you are dressed while resting or moving around, do not walk around naked.


Q22May I bring my own ingredients for Jigoku steam experience?

At Hyotan Onsen, we prepared meat, vegetables and other ingredients in order to provide simple Jigoku steam experience. Our guests are not allowed to bring their own ingredients.

Q23How long does it take to cook with Jigoku steam?

Depending on the ingredients, it may take 20-30 minutes to steam. We recommend that you plan it with plenty of time.

Q24What types of local dishes are on the restaurant menu?

There are Japanese, Western, and Chininese dishes available at our restaurant. We have several local favorites including: Dumpling noodle soup meal set, Toriten (fried chicken) meal set and Kabosu udon noodles, etc.

Q25May I bring food and drink into the restaurant?

For food safety management, we do not allow food or drink from outside. However, food and drinks for infants are allowed.

Q26Do you offer set plans, and are discounted set plans available for groups?

Yes, we do offer bath and meal set plans, please contact us to set up your reservation. Set plans can be reserved for individuals or groups.

Q27Do you offer desserts?

Yes, of course, we offer desserts! Our desserts include hot spring ingredients mixed into soft serve icecream and hot spring steamed pudding, etc..

Q28Is there kids' menu?

Yes, we offer hamburger included kids lunch that is very popular with children! There are many noodle dishes to choose from, as well. Both you and your children will enjoy your meals together here.

Q29Do you sell alcohol?

Yes, we offer beer, highball (whisky soda cocktail), and other alcohol drinks.

Q30What time does the restaurant open?

Please click here to see business hours.

Q31Does the restaurant take reservations?

Yes, the restaurant does take reservations. However, reservations may not be available during the end of a year, New Year holidays, or consecutive national holidays. During these periods, our staff will guide you in order to help make your visit enjoyable. Thank you for understanding.
In addition, please call us for group reservations. We will be closed several days a year, please contact us by this TEL number to confirm.


Q32Want to visit as a group! How many guests can you handle?

We have 70 seats in the restaurant, and 30 seats at Jigoku Steam kitchen.

Q33Do you provide Internet, Wi-Fi, and electronic devices' chargers?

We are sorry for the inconvenience. Right now, we do not have an environment that allows guests to connect to the Internet. All 3 major carriers’ signals are available though. For our guests who visit Hyotan Onsen on their valuable holidays, we provide an environment away from the electronic devices. We would like you to forget about the hustle and bustle of the daily life, to enjoy our facility in a relaxed and valuable way. Thank you for understanding.

Q34Do you provide a free rest area?

Yes, you are welcomed to use the 45㎡ free rest area next to the restaurant.

Q35Is it possible to enjoy the hot springs with children?

Yes, we are children friendly facility. There are bath chairs for small children at the large public bath. (Women’s bath only)

Q36Is there a changing table in the facility?

There are infant beds at the dressing rooms. Additionally, we have added a nursing room. Please feel free to use them.

Q37Is there a smoking area?

Yes, there is a smoking area at the parking lot.

Q38Do you offer soft drinks?

Yes, there are vending machines throughout the facility. You can purchse drinks at the shop in the restaurant, as well.There are about 10 vending machines inside and around the facility.

Q39Handicap accessiblity?

We are very sorry. We are not a certified handicap accessible facility, however it is only few steps from the entrance to the large public bath, it is easy to access the large public bath. Please contact our staff if you need assistance. We are working on reducing steps, adding an ostomate toilet, and other updates as much as we can. We are working our best to make our facility more handicap friendly.
Thank you for understanding.

Q40Are there lockers for valuables?

Yes, small locker rentals are 100 yen, and a large locker rentals are 200 yen. Additionally, we have lockers available for carry on size luggage.

Q41Is winter time in Beppu (Kannawa) cold?

Yes, there is often snow on the Beppu mountain side, however, as Kannawa is located on the ocean side, the snow rarely stays on the ground. Our facility is heated with steam in the traditional way, which is energy efficient.

Q42May I wear shoes in the facility?

Please take the shoes off at the entrance and wear the clogs in the facility. Please use the free shoe lockers.

Q43Are pets allowed?

We are sorry, pets are not allowed in our facility. But assistance dogs (guide dog, hearing dog, service dog) are welcomed, please contact us before your visit. Thank you for understanding.

Q44Are there souvenirs at the shop?

Yes, we offer some souvenirs at the shop. The hot spring steamed puddings are very popular.

Q45May I take photos inside the baths?

Taking photos in the baths, dressing rooms and rest areas is prohibited.

Q46How to dispose garbage at Hyotan Onsen?

There are several places to dispose garbage. Resources are important, we have set up the garbage cans that easy instruct international guests with pictorgrams to help separate recyclable items. Sanitary considerations are provided through cooperation between staffs. We take pride in cleaning our facility so that our guests can enjoy a pleasant time.

Q47What if I suddenly feel sick when soaking in a bath?

During the business hours, safety management staff are onsite to assist our guests. Please contact the closest staff member. We will respond, as quickly as possible.

How to Use

Q48What are the business hours?

The hot spring department is open from 9am to 1am. The restaurant opens from 11am to 8pm on weekdays, and from 11am to 21pm on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. Jigoku-mushi Kitchen and the store open at 10 am, and last orders are taken at 8 pm on weekdays and 9 pm on weekends and holidays. Please contact us for information and reservations.

Q49What days of the week are you closed?

We open all year round. ※However, there are temporary closed days for maintenance in the middle of April, July and December.

Q50Do you offer any discounted service?

We offer discounts depending on the time period. Please click here for details.

Q51Do you have a parking lot?

Yes, we have free parking in any of our 80 parking spaces.

Q52May I pay by a credit card or electronic money?

We are sorry for the inconvenience, all payments must be made in cash by Japanese yen.

Q53May I make reservations for baths or restaurant?

Yes, reservations for the baths and the restaurant are available. Please call us for information and reservations. Please note, some private family baths are not available for reservations. Thank you for understanding.

Q54May I make same day reservations?

Yes, only by phone. (Reservations for next day meals must be called in before 7pm the day before)
We will try our best to respond, as soon as possible, please contact us for the available times and services you desire.
Please note, we may not be able to meet your requests on busy days, thank you for understanding.

Q55Do you have cancellation fees?

No feel will be charged for cancellation of bathing.Please avoid last minute cancellations.


Q56Is foreign language available?

Yes, only Chinese is available.

Q57How do we pay?

Please prepay at the ticket vending machine. Please contact the reception for details.

Q58Are there discount tickets or coupons?

Yes, we offer 10 discount tickets for 5,800 yen (all day), and 4,200 yen for after 8pm.
Please contact the reception for details. The discount tickets are recommended for the guests who visit often.

Q59May I bring food and drink?

No, food or drinks from outside are not allowed.

Q60May I store or ship my luggage?

Sorry, we do not have luggage storage service, however we have rental lockers for carry on size luggage available at our facility. We do not offer shipping service either. Please contact us for how to access the closest post office.

Q61Are there special rates for the end of year, New Year holidays, or the Bon festival?

We offer the same great rates year round.


Q62Do you offer pick-up or drop-off service?

Sorry, we do not provide pick-up or drop-off service.

Q63Are there convenience stores nearby?

Yes, about 5-minute drive from Hyotan Onsen, there are two 7-Eleven stores: Beppu Kannawa store and Beppu Kitanaka store. 24-hour ATMs are available there, as well. There is a Marushoku Yamanami grocery store nearby. Parking lots are available at those stores.

Q64Is there a gas station or tourist information nearby?

Yes, there is 24-hour gas station nearby, and there is a tourist information center with pamphlets inside Kannawa Onsen Bus Station where you can request Beppu Jigoku tours or other information.

Q65Are there sightseeing spots or amusement parks nearby?

Yes, there are Sanrio Harmony Land, Beppu Onsen tour, Kijima Kogen amusement park, African Safari Zoo, Umitamago Aquarium, Yufuin tour, and others.

Q66Where are the nearest stations to Hyotan Onsen? How long does it take by bus or taxi?

Please click here for access details.


Q67I want to go sightseeing after enjoying onsen! Do you provide luggage keeping service?

Sorry, we do not.

Q68Do you offer any discounted services?

We offer discounts depending on the time period. Please click here for details.


Q69What has been remodeled and updated?

Please click here to see the details.

Q70What happened to the hot spring baths?

We built the following new bathing areas; Hyotan bath, Dream bath, Breeze open-air bath, Warm・Hot Steam bath, Cool bath, and other new baths in the Women’s bath.

Q71What do you mean to enjoy the facility all day long?

You can enjoy delicious dishes together with your children at the restaurant; you can experience the Sand bath, and then go to the Large public bath to soak in hot springs. Please experience the hot spring culture full of Japanese wisdom. We are waiting for serving you at Hyotan Onsen. Please click here to see recommendations.

Q72What local activities are available during the day time or evening hours?

Day time: A local amusement park nearby, or an experience-based day trip onsen.
Night time: Open-air hot spring baths

Q73What does experience-based mean?

Experience-based, means, we have several different types of experiences all located together for you to enjoy, including: Jigoku Steam cooking experience, Sand bath experience, and Sauna detox. Please click here for details.

Q74What are the new features of your establishment?

We added a nursing room inside the dressing room, and more showers (from 19 to 58) at the Women’s bath, we also added Jigoku Steam Kitchen (Jigoku Steam experience).

How to enter Hyotan Onsen