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featuring 100% free-flowing natural hot spring.

Open-air bath

Refresh yourself from head to toe in the
spacious open-air bath

Sit back and relax, enjoy the natural breeze.

The open-air bath is of course 100% free-flowing natural hot spring water.Feel warm and comfortable, get lost in the moment as you look up at the sky over the hot spring resort town, Kan’nawa

Be captivated by the night sky as you bathe and relax.
Hyotan Onsen’s open-air bath has great reputation of being cozy which makes you want to stay longer than intended.

Women’s bath

Feel at ease and unwind
in the renovated open-air bath

A larger open-air bath has been added to the women’s bath which was renovated in 2019. Kick back and relax, feel the breeze on your cheeks. You can savor a sense of openness only the open-air bath can provide.

Men’s bath

Sit back and relax in the open-air bath while listening to rustling of the leaves

Go on to the open-air bath after enjoying many types of hot springs in the large public bath. The spacious open-air bath serves you as a place to rest and heal from fatigue and muscle stiffness. You’ll feel completely refreshed.

Day and night. Winter and summer. Spring and fall.
The expression of open-air bath changes beautifully in time and season.

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