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featuring 100% free-flowing natural hot spring.


Want to detox, relax, and forget about the time.
At Hyotan Onsen, ALL of these wishes will come true.

Sand bath at Hyotan Onsen warms you up gently and gradually Didn’t know taking sand bath could be this comfortable!

Hyotan Onsen’s sand bath keeps its temperature milder than sand baths at other facilities,
because it is heated by the steam from natural hot spring.
As this gently heated sand bath prevents dizziness, guests can enjoy it longer.

Have to Have Fun
At Hyotan onsen, our sand bath is powered by steam too. The gift from earth is great.

Since sand is heated by spring steam, its mild heat warms your body gradually and gently.
It is hard to turn hot so you can enjoy staying for longer time.
Sand bath is very popular as a traditional beauty treatment.
It only cost bathing charge plus 540 yen to enjoy sand bath at Hyotan Onsen. Give it a try and feel the results!

How to take sand bath

  1. To accept

    At the reception of Hyotan Onsen,
    Purchase a rental yukata and paper pants.

  2. Change into a yukata and paper shorts.

    Rent a yukata bathrobe and purchase paper shorts, then change at the dressing room.
    Please purchase paper shorts (540 yen) and rent a yukata bathrobe, then change at the dressing room.

  3. Choose the temperature of the sand bath you prefer and dig the sand to the warmth that is right for you.

    At Hyotan Onsen, you can choose the sand temperature from medium to high. If this is your first time, try medium first.
    Dig up sand, checking the temperature. Be careful, since the deeper you dig, the hotter it gets.

  4. Cover yourselves with sand.

    Enjoy a pleasant experience, covering your family, friends, or partner each other with steamed sand. It will be like playing at the beach, which is one of the charms of our sand bath.

  5. Lie in sand bath and relax.

    Hyotan Onsen allows unlimited time to enjoy sand bath! You can spend some time chatting with families, friends or partner, or relaxing alone peacefully. Have a great time at our sand bath.

  6. Shower off sweat and sand, the large public bath is the next!

    It’s a good choice to try our free-flowing 100% natural hot spring water in the large public bath after showering off the sand completely. After fully sweated, let the smooth spring water of Hyotan Onsen soak into your skin.


  • Be sure to shower off sand before leaving sand bath and going to the large
    public bath or other areas.
  • Please do not enter the restaurant or rest area in yukata has been worn at sand bath.
  • Using the sand bath and private family bath at the same time is not allowed.
  • Female guests are required to use the exclusive path between the sand bath and the
    women’s bath to access the large public bath.
public bath

Did you know combiningv sand bath with steam bath can make you more beautiful?

Do you want to get the maximum detox effect? We suggest you take steam bath after sand bath. After sweating plentifully, enjoy socking your whole body and relaxing in steam bath.

To enjoy yourself even more, instead of just taking a long steam bath, go back and forth between steam bath and the cool bath cooling off your heated body.

Please observe the followings to enjoy sand bath

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