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featuring 100% free-flowing natural hot spring.

Large public bath

Large public bath is one of the various types
of hot springs at Hyotan Onsen

Yumetake, our unique hot spring water cooling system made of bamboo,
makes our free-flowing 100 % natural spring water onsen possible.


This is Hyotan Onsen!


The hyotan bath, which has turned into women’s bath is the beginning of everything.

Hyotan Onsen was founded in 1922, nestling in the hot spring town of Beppu, full of clouds of natural spring steam ever since.
The founder Kono Junsaku built a rock bath shaped like a hyotan, which means gourd in Japanese. This is because he respected Toyotomi Hideyoshi, one of the greatest samurai leaders in the 16th century, who had an emblem of a hyotan on his flag.
In the Large public bath which was renovated in 2019, you will find the gourd shaped bath tub has been passed down.

Hyotan Onsen uses free-flowing 100% natural hot spring water. Many other onsen facilities control the temperature of water by adding tap water or taking a long time to naturally cool. Hyotan Onsen uses, however, natural water drawn directly from the hot spring well instantly and cooled with Yumetake, our unique bamboo-made cooling system. Please enjoy our genuine free-flowing 100 % natural onsen filled with Namayu, fresh hot spring water.

What is Namayu?
Bamboo-made cooling system Yumetake has made it possible to use free-flowing100 % natural hot spring water before the water quality declines. At Hyotan Onsen we call the fresh pure natural spring water Hamayu.

Tips to enjoy the large public bath

It feels like a monk being purified at practice

waterfall bath

Men’s bath has 19 hot spring waterfalls, and women’s bath has 8

Takiyu, or hot spring waterfall, is one of the features that Hyotan Onsen is proud of. There are 8 waterfalls in the women’s bath and 19 in the men’s.

Takiyu, or Utaseyu meaning pelting water, is one of the hot spring therapies, quite different from common bathing style of soaking in onsen. Water falling onto a specific part of your body, such as shoulders and back, to improve blood circulation. Pressure of pelting water has a similar effect as massage, relieving stiff muscles, and easing back pain, stiff shoulders and others. Takiyu is named after taki or waterfall.
Onsen water running down like a cascade will give you a mysterious and sanctifying experience.

Japanese people have inherited DNA that makes them attracted to Hinoki bath

Japanese people have long loved Hinoki bath. As hinoki or cypress has its unique favorable aroma and texture, it has been used as material of bathtubs since long time ago. Natural wood emits phytoncide which contains aromatic matters to relax the body and mind. Cypress emits more phytoncide than any other wood, and accordingly it enhances relaxing effects of bathing. Enjoy your time of relaxation soaking in the aroma of cypress.

Women’s bath

All though it’s not, it feels like being at a ryokan (Japanese inn).
The gift from earth provides a little luxury and energy.
  • Hinoki bath
    Hinoki bath
    Hinoki cypress provides relaxing effects, please enjoy.
  • Dream bath
    Dream bath’s bathtub was built luxuriously with rare green tuff from Akita Prefecture and Hinoki cypress.
  • Gourd-shaped onsen (the original)
    This is a unique shaped bathtub, in the shape of a gourd, which the name of Hyotan (gourd) Onsen is derived from.
  • Gourd-shaped onsen  (the 2nd)
    Gourd-shaped onsen (the 2nd)
    Another gourd-shaped onsen, newly equipped during the 2019 renovation.
  • Cool bath (low-temperature onsen)
    Hyotan Onsen’s cood bath uses natural hot spring cooled instantly with the cooling system Yumetake made by bamboo using a unique technology. Cood bath filled with only natural hot spring water, containing no tap water, is Hyotan Onsen’s new endeavor.
  • Steam bath
    (high temperature・low temperature)
    Stiff bodies will gradually loosen and detox leisurely.
    Beginners and children can enjoy our steam bath too, since steam temperature is low.
  • Steam bath the original (high temperature)
    This steam bath has been used from before the renewal.
  • Granite bath
    Relax calmly in the quiet atmosphere of granite bathtub。
  • Sake cup bath
    From a gourd which used to be used as a sake bottle, hot spring water runs into the bathtub shaped like a sake cup.
  • Sake cup bath
    Steam bath the original (high temperature)
    This steam bath has been used from before the renewal.
  • Open-air bath (new)
    New open-air bath, roten buro, was built in 2019 renovation. Please enjoy outdoor bath feeling the fresh air as well as the spaciousness and sense of freedom.
  • Open-air bath (old)

Moms with kids can refresh themselves, too
Ample facilities for families with small children to spend a fun time!

Wider shower space for families with children
is available. Nursing room has been added.

In Women’s bath, there are three shower spaces which give priority to guests with children. These have enough space for mothers to shower with their babies or small children. When the large public bath was wholly redesigned, a nursing room was added to the women’s bath. This facility allows mothers to take care of their infants who need nursing. For mothers who are giving up onsen because they feel like “The children are too little so I can’t go to the onsen.”, a good news for parents who have small children, we provide baths where you can enjoy bathing safely and at ease with your children.

Guests with small children have priority over the wider shower spaces. Anyone can use these shower spaces but is kindly requested to give priority to guests with children.

Have to Have Fun

Detox   Relaxation

Men’s bath

Feel uplifted. Gain energy for tomorrow.
Hyotan Onsen is the right kind of place.
  • Waterfall bath (Utase-yu)
    There are 19 Takiyu, hot spring waterfalls in the men’s bath.
  • Gourd-shaped bath
    Hyotan means gourd. Unique bath shaped of gourd, which Hyotan Onsen is named after.
  • Hinoki bath
    Hinoki bath with bathtub made of cypress has good relaxing effects to make you feel free and easy.
  • Walking bath
    Walking bath gives a pleasant sensation to the soles of your feet.
  • Rock bath
    Rock bath represents the concepts of “wa or Japanese culture, rock, tree and stone”, which Hyotan Onsen has cherished.
  • Steam bath
    Sauna with natural hot spring steam.
  • Open-air bath
    In the spacious open-air bath, you will have a good time sitting back and relaxing.
  • Cool bath (low-temperature onsen)
    Take this bath between other hot springs including steam bath.

Have to Have Fun

温泉文化を体験   週末の締めくくりに


  • Rental bath towel
    (Rental: 200 yen including tax)

  • Yukata
    (Rental: 300 yen including tax)

  • Rinse in shampoo&
    Body soap (FREE)

  • Hairdryer

  • Amusement

Bath soap and towels are for sale.


Spring quality Sodium - chloride spring (Mild acidic hypotonic hyperthermal spring)
Temperature Source temperature: 100.4℃ (212.72℉) pH:3.1
Spring volume: 500ℓ/min
(Analysis date: February 22, 1994 Oita Prefectural Institute of Health and Environment)
Benefit neuralgia, muscle pain, joint pain, frozen shoulder, motor paralysis, joint stiffness, bruise, sprain, chronic gastrointestinal disease, hemorrhoids, coldness, recovery phase,
Fatigue recovery, health promotion, chronic skin disease, cuts, burns, physically weak children, chronic gynecological disease, Chronic constipation
※ It is beneficial for chronic gastrointestinal diseases when drinking.
- Patient should not bathe (Contraindications for bathing)-
Acute illness (especially fever), active tuberculosis, cancer, severe heart disease, respiratory failure, renal failure, hemorrhagic disease, severe anemia, other issues with ongoing diseases, or during pregnancy (especially first and last trimester).
Amenity Hair dryer, 2-in-1 shampoo, body soap
Bathing Time Family baths reception is up to 12:00 AM.

※Please bring your towels or bath towels. There are also towels available for purchase.

The quality of the hot spring water at Hyotan Onsen is safe!It is carefully managed under the supervision of experts.




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